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Cook healthier, better tasting food

Endorsed by South African heart foundation

The unique design allows fat to drain into the moat for healthier cooking.

Safe, hassle free cooking

The Cobb base stays completely cool, allowing it to be picked up while cooking

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Multi Award Winning Cooking System

Double Vesta Design Award

Spoga + Gafa Innovation Design Award

Light, portable and environmentally friendly

Pro black
Cobb Pro Black

Cobb Pro Black

The Cobb Pro Grill has all the latest and greatest innovative features of the Cobb Premier Cooking System, except the base is not Stainless Steel. Instead the base is a powder coated mild steel. This powder coated base allow us to make the Cobb in a variety of colors. The Cobb Pro allows you to cook a surprisingly large amount of food on such a portable grill.

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Pack Dimension (mm): 670 x 345 x 580

Item Size: 4

Item Weight (kg): 4.64

Item Volumetric (Dim cm /5000): 6.7

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