Cobb Kettle
Cobb Kettle

Cobb Kettle

The Cobb Kettle is not only delightful to look at, this ingenious little number, is so much more than a water boiler, it’s an energy-efficient outdoor must-have that’s smart enough to be used on or off your Cobb cooking unit. The result? Once the Cobb Kettle’s charcoal is lit, or from the moment you place it on your heated Cob cooking unit, you can expect 1litre of boiling hot water in less time than it takes to boil an egg!

Perfectly refined and the only one of its kind, the Cobb Kettle works off Venturi technology. Simply put, this smart functionality pushes air through the the middle funnel of the kettle, accelerating heating and enabling its rapid boiling capability. Just when you thought it doesn’t run smoother than this, its well thought-out design allows the kettle to double up as a fire starter. Simply place a few pieces of lit wood or twigs inside your kettle base and watch how it speeds up your hot-drink making regime – an extremely handy function while braving the wilderness.

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Pack dimensions (mm): 220 x 200 x 230

Item size: 1

Item Weight (kg): 1.49

Item Volumetric (Dim cm/5000): 2.15

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